Why Webinar Attendees Leave?

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Webinars are one of the best ways to let people know about what you are doing in your business and how they can benefit from it. But the key thing to a webinar’s success is getting the people to actually check you out. If you are not successful in attracting them, then you are lost. Interestingly enough, most people are able to gather a crowd who does seem interested in hearing out what you have to say. They take the bait and give you time to bedazzle them. Trouble arrives when once they sit down to see what you have to show, the get bored in just a few minutes and you start losing attendees even before you start telling them anything important.

Has this been happening to you a lot and you aren’t sure why people are not willing to give you more than a few minutes? Why do they keep leaving?

Let us tell you that studies have shown gaining audience for your webinars is not as difficult as retaining them. Why? Here are all the reasons.

Content Presented does Not Equal to Adverts

This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make which you will suffer by losing your attendees. If you advertise one thing and end up showing something else altogether, then obviously the people attending will feel betrayed. For example, you promised to help them find DIY ways to resolve their communication issues, but you keep harping on about how you are the best person to help them and how only with your assistance, they would be able to achieve anything in life. This means that you lied to them about giving them something of value when in reality you are only advertising your business. This is never appreciated by anyone and you need to understand this before your target audience starts distrusting you.

Presenter is Not Interesting

This is another common mistake that business owners make. If the presenter drones on and on about facts and dry information, the audience is definitely going to get bored, even if that information is useful. Likewise, if the presenter keeps reading from the script or presentations displayed, this too is going to put the attendees to sleep. What you need to ensure is that not only is the presenter prepared to crack a few jokes in order to keep the audience lively, but the script itself is interesting enough. This way, even if you have to give facts and stats, people will be glued to what you are presenting in your webinar.

One more thing that you should do is give out some kind of incentive to continue hearing the webinar till the very end. For example, you can give out some kind of discount or free membership to some kind of subscription etc. This too will pique the interest of your attendees and they would want to hear you out till the very end.

Webinar is Too Long

Think of it this way, would you want to suffer through a boringly long seminar that seems to go on and on without an end in sight? Of course not! Then why should you expect your attendees to face such a thing? Instead, keep it under an hour at most. If there is anything more you want to explain, you can always do so in the next webinar. And make sure the webinar is so interesting that people want to come back to hear you out a second time.
There is something else you need to keep in mind when you are planning the content of your webinar. One of the reasons why a webinar seems too long and boring for people is that it is too one sided. You need to structure it in such a way that it is interactive and the presenter ensures the participation of the audience. This way nobody would feel that they have to be there because they bought the ticket. The presentation should not only be about how great your company is, but how it is the best option for the attendees. This way, they will have the encouragement needed to become associated with you.

Too Much Focus on ‘I’ than ‘You’

This problem occurs with business people who do not understand that marketing is about the clients and customers and not the business. Surprising? Actually, if you remembered this one simply tip you will not have to face too many problems selling what you want. The idea is to assure your clients that if they shop with you or hear you out in case of a webinar, then they are the ones who benefit from it. This is the reason why your webinars, and all other marketing strategies for that matter, need to be about the clients and not you, the business. Of course you will have to inform them what you do and how you do it, but the selling point is how you are the best bet for them.
And this is exactly what you need to convey through your webinars. From the start of the webinar, till the very end, keep the focus on them and you will see better results from the very start.

Too Many Words, Too Little Images

Yes, this is another major reason why attendees leave your webinars as quickly as they do. Even when you do have presentations, they are full of text instead of images. Remember, a picture speaks louder and a lot more than words ever can. Your webinar will become more attractive and engaging when there are images, photos and illustrations that explain whatever it is that you want. Colorful and catchy drawings, as well as words are better than plain, boring text. So make sure you spice up the webinar with these things.

Try out these five things and you will notice that things start improving for you faster than you could have imagined. Changing just the concepts will take you a long way. Best of luck!

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