Use Webinars to Build Your Email List

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Here’s the thing about webinars. It’s something that gives so much to its audiences. Especially if you’re an esteemed expert in the field, it’s something that people would truly want to participate in. Webinars, after all, are the perfect tools that would help them find out more about certain topics that they are interested in. It gives solutions to some of their major issues. It gives them new ideas that they never really thought could be possible before. In other words, a webinar can be a great medium to use that would give them such a wealth of information they just couldn’t find anywhere else. You can host live and automated webinar using Webinar Solution.

But what does it do for the person hosting the webinar? What can it do for you?

The Webinar Advantage

Yes, webinars help consumers, enthusiasts and other people learn a lot. Sometimes, this becomes a hindrance for business owners and professionals. They feel that the effort just isn’t worth it. But what they don’t understand is the fact that webinars is just as important to them as much as it is for their audiences.

Shows you as an expert.

Webinars have the ability to raise your reputation as a true expert in the field. The moment people hear what you have to say, they automatically see why you’re the person to listen to and not everybody else. Of course, the moment you are seen as an expert, the more people will begin to trust you and follow what you have to say.

Allows you to sell effectively.

After every successful webinar, the chances of you selling your products or services are at an all-time high. They just heard an expert in the field and were wowed by what he had to say. So who could resist not signing up for any offer that this expert presents, right?

Helps you build relationships.

Today, it’s not just about how many you sold in a day. It’s also about how long these people will continue to buy what you’re selling. This is why long-term relationships between you and your audience matter more than ever. Through webinars, you are able to impart knowledge and interact with your customers by answering questions that matter. This will then lead to stronger and better relationships that will not easily be broken


It fills your email database.

Yes, you heard that right. What proves to be a challenge for a lot of businesses can actually be quite easy-peasy for others. We’ll discuss this further later on.
Knowing how much of an advantage you can actually have over your peers the moment you take your webinars more seriously, this should help you pull your numbers up and start meeting and exceeding targets.

Building Your Email Database

Now we’re getting to the interesting part.

Businesses have always found it a challenge to build their email database. After all, people are always about their security. And we all know that emails have become one of the most popular things people use to send spam and other infuriating mail.

This is where your webinar comes in.

The moment people step into your webinar, they would immediately expect to learn so much from it. After all, why waste half an hour to an hour of their life over things that they already know? When you deliver that expectation, people would be extremely thankful that they took the time out to show up. From here, their email address would seem like a small price to pay for all the new things they learned.

Getting Emails Effectively

Of course, people won’t just hand you their email without you doing your part. This is why you have to take note of the following things to make sure that you leave that webinar with everyone’s email addresses in your list.

Have a clear call to action.

Don’t just say that you need to connect with them. That’s a vague statement. Don’t give them your email address and ask them to email you, either. They might forget all about it and you’ll never hear from them again. Go right ahead and ask for their email address. This way, they know exactly what’s expected of them in exchange of the things they learned.

Tell them what to expect.

You can’t just ask for their email address and not tell them why you need it. And don’t tell them that you’re getting these addresses so that you can sell them random stuff, either. Tell them about newsletters that you’re going to send and content that would give them continuing knowledge about the topic you just finished discussing. Tell them about weekly tips that you would be able to give to help them to continuously apply what they have learned today. Tell them about additional secrets that you’ll be sending them on a regular basis. Just make sure that you deliver on all these promises once you have gotten what you need.

Give them real value through your webinar.

Spend a lot of time building the webinar you’re presenting. Never rush it – you’re going to end up with a mediocre presentation that would only ruin your reputation. Give them that wow factor that would make them keep coming back for more. The moment they see how much value you have given them through your presentation, you can expect that anything you ask for, they would happily give – that includes their contact information.


Emails open up so much opportunities for both the audience and the business owners. However, it’s up to the business owner or the host to amp up these opportunities so that they can be taken advantage of. Remember that email addresses are more than just a random way of reaching out to a person. Emails are part of a person’s identity, something that they need to walk around the digital world. And that’s definitely not something that people would just part with without expecting something in return.

So give them that reason to give you their email address. Make your webinar one for the books, and you’ll find that email database filled to the brim in no time.

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