Driving Awareness and Attendance to your Webinar

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More and more business owners seem to be obsessing over how to increase awareness about their webinars and gain a higher attendance. Well, the key to that is proper advertising and then living up to those expectations that you have created. Don’t really know how to change the destiny of your webinars? Here are some things that you might not be doing properly or doing at all. Try them and see if they were hindering your path to success as far as webinars are concerned.

Registrations are Important

The first thing that you need to do in order to ensure that not only are people aware about your webinar but are willing to be a part of it is that you get them interested enough to register. And how can you do that? You will need to ensure that they find out about the hosting of the webinar. For this you will need to strategize, plan and then market your show. Create a goal on how many attendees you want. What this will do is help you plan your action accordingly. Determine the number of people who can access you and then determine steps to ensure its fulfillment.

To begin with the invitation program, start by sending out emails to all your subscribers, clients and former customers. Then make good use of the social media so that you can target the rest of your audience. Keep in mind that about 36% of the attendees register a week before; therefore you will need to start sending out invites at least a week before the seminar is to be held. And then onwards, you should continue reminding people about how big preps are being made and how interesting and beneficial the webinar is going to be.

When promoting your webinar, another thing that you will need to do is come up with ideas to pique the curiosity of your audience. You can do that by giving tidbits of what will be covered in the seminar and how you will make sure that it is an experience of a lifetime for the attendees.

Pay Attention to What You Deliver

This is the most important thing that you will need to do. You can have great information and truly remarkable offer for the audience, but until and unless you are able to deliver them in an interesting way, nobody is going to stay long enough to hear you out till the very end. This is why your topic as well as its deliverance needs to be spot on!

To come up with a stellar webinar, research on what your audience would find useful and enjoy at the same time. Then relate the topic to your business and give out something that is entertaining and useful in one go. If you are able to generate a few smiles or laughs, hats off to you because your audience will remember that and would want to hear and see more from you in the future.

Make Clear Goals and Follow Them Through

This might not seem like a really huge thing to you right now, but it makes a huge significant impact on the success or failure of your webinar and its attendees. You have to know from the very first what it is you want to deliver, how many people you want to attend the webinar and what it is that you want them to take from there. Similarly, you also have to be crystal clear about how you want them to act once they have been a part of your webinar.

Make out a list of goals and start trying to see them through one by one. Keep in mind that just because you want 100 people to attend your webinar does not mean that they will. Likewise, simply because 200 people registered does not imply that all of them will attend and even if they do, attend the whole event. This is the reason that you need to plan in such a way that you achieve more than you wanted to in the first place, because that is going to get you successful.

As far as the webinar itself is concerned, if you have promised something in your promotions, you have to be able to deliver it. For example, if you said that by the end of the seminar, attendees would be able to make positive variations in their business marketing campaign through 5 steps, then they should have those 5 step guide. Remember, your webinar is going to make or break your reputation, so you have to be careful about your delivery.

Prizes Can Win You Audience

Who doesn’t like something for free? This is one of the best ways to get people to notice you and become a part of your webinar. You do not necessarily have to offer discounts or sales, although they do work best, you can also give out free eBooks, free first time consultation or some gift when they visit your physical store. This will encourage many people to attend your webinar and see it through the very end.

If your webinar is interesting and gains their attention in the process, voila, you might just have won yourself some confirmed attendees for the next webinar!

A Landing Page is Must

A landing page is the place from where people will be able to get all the information about the webinar. Not only will it promote the upcoming event, it will also help the interested candidates find out all about what you do, and how they can benefit from it. Make sure you don’t get people’s hope up about something that you don’t plan to do. Information about the webinar should be relevant, precise and honest. You do not want people to become disappointed, you want them intrigued and enthusiastic about the upcoming event.

These 5 steps are going to help you create awareness about your webinars and bring in the crowd. Just stay true to what you promise and deliver the best. Good luck!

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