Continuing the Conversation with Webinar Attendees after Webinar

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So you had that wonderful webinar and more than the people you expected showed up. It was a huge success and everyone seemed to have had a good time and you are now feeling pleased with whatever you did to make the event happen. Is that enough? Of course not! That was only the beginning of a work in progress. Now you have even more to do if you want to convert those prospects into regular customers and loyal clients. You can’t just expect to show one webinar and expect the world to start following you. It is now time to get them to find out more about your business and take the action that you tried to get through to them through the webinar.

Not sure how you should go about doing that? It isn’t as difficult as you think. Here are some suggestions that will show you the direction and give you a path to walk on. The rest is in your hands.

The Sooner the Better

Yes, the sooner you reach out to them again the better your chances of regaining their attention. Experts stress that the 48 hours after the webinar are of utmost importance and this is the time when you should strike that hot iron. Why? Because they remember what you presented to them and the enthusiasm is still alive and you have the perfect opportunity to work with it. This is the reason that you should have emails prepared that should be sent within the time frame of 24-48 hours.

Keep in mind that if you don’t avail this opportunity, the prospects will forget you faster than you can ever believe possible. There are too many fish in the pond and they will be invited to dozens of other webinars, some of which might be more effective than yours. Studies show that attendees generally tend to forget almost everything that you showed them within two days! So you don’t have the time to dwindle. Here is what you can do.

the-Sooner-the Better

Thank Them for Attendance

This might seem like a formality to you, but it makes the attendees feel special and cared for. It shows your interpersonal skills as well as your customer care. Prepare emails that thank them kindly for being a part of the webinar and for giving them your time and attention. Also express your hope that they enjoyed the event and that you look forward to their attendance in other such events. In the same email you can hand out your contact information, along with anything else that is the unique selling point of your business.

Remind them that their views matter to you. It would be great if you can get them involved in conversation where you ask them their opinions about what you did, how you did it and what they think can be ways of improvement. Let them know that their opinion and suggestion is valued and that if they do come back for more business, it would matter to you.

Ask After the Missing Ones

This is important. Most people ignore the people who don’t show up, but if you do the same you will fall in the category of average marketers. To stand out and again display your care for the customers/ clients, ask after the ones who did not attend, even though they registered. Send out an email telling them that they were missed and you would love to see them in the next event. Most people respond to a nice attitude and even if they don’t think the next webinar is interesting for them, they might contact you and let you have a chance to build a relationship with them.

Answer Questions or Pick Out Leads

This is essential. Once the webinar is over, go through all the data and information you collected, as well as any questions that might not have been answered. If there were any surveys or questionnaires, you need to go through them as well. This is where you will find plenty of information on how you can approach your prospects. You can answer questions through personal emails, as well as invite people to ask more things so that you can clear up any ideas they have.

Send More Invites

This is also the time when you can send out more invites for any upcoming event that you have planned up. Be it a webinar or a live, physical event; let the prospects know that there is something more coming up and they are welcome and eagerly awaited to join. If they had liked the webinar, they will be interested to check out your new event as well.

Continue to Follow Up with Caution

Once you have made the initial contact and the prospect seems interested, make sure you send them regular emails and details of what is happening with your business. Encourage them to check out your physical presence if you have any.

Remember, you will have to be the one, in most cases, to start the contact with your prospects. Very few of them are going to contact you, not because they may not need your services, but because they have too much to distract them from keeping you in mind. This is why you need to get in touch with them as soon as possible so that you can stress on how advantageous it is to do business with you.

One last thing, initiating conversation does not mean that you get on the prospects nerves. You need to remain available, even persistent, but never become a nuisance. If you feel that they are becoming agitated or simply do not need you just then, say goodbyes gracefully. Just leave your details with them and ask them to contact you if they or anyone else they know have use of your services/ products. The idea is not to bug them, but to win them over, so be careful not to cross the very subtle line!

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