Tips for Reducing Your Bounce Rate and Increase Your Sales

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increase-salesBounce rate is basically the percentage of traffic that only visits one page on your website. A high bounce rate can be bad news for your website and your business altogether. It means your website is not able to retain traffic, let alone convert it into sales. But there are ways to reduce the bounce rate on your website and increase sales.

Update Your Content

Outdated content and old posts can drive your traffic away much faster than anything else. Think of it this way; would you spend more than 30 seconds on a website that has seven year old posts showing on search engines? Absolutely not, but if those posts are still generating traffic, you can update them to reduce the bounce rate. For example, let’s say you run an online sports apparel store. If you have a blog about the best selling NBA jerseys that dates back to 2005, you are not providing your traffic with resource. But by simply updating the statistics, you can make it fresh once more. This is more crucial in technology and trend based content. Hence, take a thorough look at all your posts and update them accordingly.

Make Your Website Responsive

Another reason why your website can’t retain traffic is because its layout is generally poor. Scrolling text with heavy graphics makes your website look unappealing, not to mention the never ending loading time. Modern web design is all about responsiveness. Consider crunching the text on all your pages to make them more appealing. Incorporate graphs, infographs, and illustrations to catch the attention of your traffic. These factors can do the work for thousands of words, except that they don’t scare off your visitors.
Work with a web designer and make your website layout simple. Modern graphics and images are compressed without compromising quality. When you incorporate them into your website, you can make it more resourceful and quick loading at the same time. Remember that the attention span of an average internet user is very small. If your website loads quickly and keeps your visitors engaged, then you have a better chance of converting them into paying customers.

Know Your Industry

Find out the average bounce rate in your industry. Portals like Yahoo and MSN have a relatively low bounce rate. On the other hand, most landing pages with a simple call to action like “add to cart” have a high bounce rate. Determine these factors in your industry and compare them with your business. This will allow you to know what pages have the highest bounce rate in your industry and you can work on them accordingly. With a means to compare your website’s performance, you can set up long term goals to reduce your bounce rate.
It’s all about effective conversion when reducing the bounce rate. But high bounce rate is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, websites that make money from advertisers want a high bounce rate. This is because when your traffic leaves your website to one of the advertisements on your page, you are making more money that way. Hence, don’t consider bounce rate as a factor to measure the success or failure of your website.

Reduce PPC Ads

Sure you’re making a lot of money from them, but that won’t do you much good if the ads on your website are not relevant to the pages. For example, if you run an online music store, then an ad for baby clothes won’t do you much good. This becomes even more concerning when you have irrelevant ads on landing pages. De-clutter all the pages on your website to have an even ad to content ratio. PPC ads can no doubt be a good source of income, especially when your website generates high traffic. But if you fail to convert your traffic into sales and your primary source of income is from PPC, then you need to revise your monetary strategies.

Enough with Keyword Stuffing

Here is an example of a catalogue page from a graphic design website
“Welcome to XX, where you can get the best graphic design services on the internet. When it comes to the best graphic design, we provide you with comprehensive graphic design at the best rates. So if you are looking to get the best graphic design from the best graphic design service on the internet, then take a look at our catalogue!”

The keywords are highlighted and by now you realize that you want to get out of this website as soon as possible. Keyword stuffing makes your content look silly at best, and increases your bounce rate like nothing else. Keyword usage today is natural to accompany the text without making it sound poor. Audit the keywords on your website every six months and incorporate Google Trends to determine the most popular keywords. Keep your keywords current to help your SEO ranking and update your content accordingly. Google is much smarter in 2014 than it ever was.
Google is much smarter in 2014 than it ever was. If you think you can get away with high keyword density, think again. Use trendy keywords that are relevant to your industry and make them appear homogenously in your content. A high rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing can go a long way in improving your website traffic. And by considering all these techniques, you can effectively measure and increase your sales down the road.

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