Increase Sales with Facebook Promotions

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If I were to say right now that Facebook can do nothing for your business, I would probably see a barrage of rotten tomatoes coming my way. After all, the huge growth that Facebook has had over the years is too massive to go unnoticed. Especially with the recent changes that Facebook has been going through to help it cross over from being a mere social media platform to becoming a must-have, all-around marketing tool, there is no doubt at all that it has helped, and continues to help businesses and brands reach the potential that they have always had. And among all the ways that Facebook helps every business grow, Facebook promotions is one of the most effective, especially when executed the right way.

The Truth about Facebook Promotions

The truth about Facebook promotions is that there are just so many restrictions and limitations in place. The terms have been changed around through the years in an effort to make businesses feel more in control over their strategies, but a lot of the old rules are still in place.

Here are some of them:

– Promotions can be administered using the timeline of the business page.
– Promotions can also be administered using applicable Facebook apps.
– Promotions cannot be administered on any personal timeline.
– Tagging is not allowed if the person being tagged is not depicted in the content.

Despite the limitations though, you would have to admit that Facebook is still undoubtedly the best tool around if you want to build up hype about your promotion. Facebook’s enormous user base proves this. And when you think about it, the guidelines are pretty basic. They are also not at all surprising, considering that the privacy of Facebook users would have to be protected at all times.

And yes, let us not forget the fact that Facebook Promotions can indeed show you the money. No matter how often social media experts say about not being able to directly convert your Facebook following into sales, it’s all about how you use this following that’s going to make a difference. Yes, you do not earn anything when people like your page on Facebook. But the moment they like your page, you immediately have a connection – a connection that you can use to start bringing in the profit.

The Best Facebook Promotions to Use

So how do you start pulling those sales in? You just have to start being creative and bold in the concepts that you’re going to apply. The effort should be big, and the sleepless nights will definitely be there. But know that at the end of it all, you’ll see a huge increase in your leads, which you can then groom for them to become additional numbers that will help you reach and exceed those targets.
Here are a few Facebook promotions that you can try:

1. Competition

Everybody loves a good contest. Especially if it doesn’t really require you to run through an obstacle course just to get the prize at the end, doing a contest through Facebook makes it even better.
One of the most popular schemes used is asking people to like the page to qualify for a prize. Some also do this by asking for email addresses, but this could also backfire as people are extremely sensitive when you start asking for contact information like this.

You can be creative and ask people to do something else after liking the page, such as submitting a photo that is relevant to the contest’s theme, or answering a question that you’ll be posting on your page. The bottom line is, as long as you offer a prize and you keep the requirements reasonable, then people will start liking the page and could start peeking through the range of products and services that you have.

2. Special Offers

Special offers does not necessarily give followers the chance to win something for free, but to get something extra for a purchase that they will be making. Now this is somehow a more direct way of asking them to buy anything from you.

You could offer discounts and coupon codes, or you can offer freebies if they buy certain packages. No matter how creative you want to be with your offers, make sure you emphasize the benefits that they will get out of the products they will be buying. Otherwise, nobody would answer your call no matter how huge the discount could be.

3. Poll

Another popular way to start leading people into your page, a poll or a survey will definitely be a magnet for followers and potential buyers, especially if the poll is something relevant. You can ask which actor is better-looking, or which car was designed better. No matter what kind of survey you want to execute, the important thing is that people will want to contribute their share and state their own opinion about it.

How do you get leads and sales from this? Easy. Just pattern the questions in a way that would lead them to your page, or most importantly, to your website. If you are selling dresses for example, you could post a survey about whether one celebrity is better dressed than the other, and then let them know that you have something similar to what that star is wearing. It’s all up to you. Again, the more creative you get, the better the chances of people signing up.

4. Exclusive Content

This does not exactly apply to all kinds of businesses, but for the ones that are applicable, it actually works great. If you have an e-book to send or some members-only content in your blog, you can promote them on Facebook and lead customers to the page where they can sign up.

Of course, you also need to publish content that shows how relevant what you have to offer would be for them, just so you can convince them that giving out their email address or signing up as a member would be worth it.
All it takes is a drop of creativity, and you can finally have that influx of sales coming in through your Facebook promotions.

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