10 Ways to Promote Your App

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promoto-your-appHundreds of mobile apps are being created and made available in the market every day. But with no promotion or marketing strategy, your app will never realize its true potential. Your goal for creating an app is to generate hundreds or thousands of downloads on a daily basis. For that you need to promote your app in all the right ways. Here are 10 techniques to market your app like a pro!

1) ASO

By optimizing your app, you can increase the number of downloads significantly. To do so, you will need an SEO expert that can help you with keyword research. App Store Optimization (ASO) is basically SEO for app stores. ASO helps in determining the most valuable keywords, their competition, and their demand. Once you identify the keywords, create a logo for your app, add appealing screenshots, and write a short description of the app with relevant keyword usage. For any new app, the description is important in making it sell.
Once people start downloading your apps, your goal should be to make it engaging. In other words, you must increase the time people spend on it and the frequency of use. These factors can help in increasing your ranking on app stores. Another thing to consider is the reviews for your app. Remember that people rely a lot on reviews, and your app should be bug-free in order to satisfy your customers.

2) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing may not surprise you, given the fact that every other app maker takes to social media to promote a launch. However, not everyone is able to use social media effectively. Think about creating a brand image rather than just promoting your app with punch lines. Blogging is also a part of social media, and you can use it to promote your app as well. Consider Reddit, and Quora along with other blogging sites to target your niche.

3) Social Media Sharing

Add a social media sharing option in your app. For example, if you have created a gaming app, then adding social media sharing can help you promote exposure. This way, your customers can compare scores and challenge each other via their favorite networks. It can also enable other social media users to get to know your app. Consider the features in your app that you would want to share with people you know.

4) Paid Advertisements

It’s very annoying when you’re on your favorite app and then suddenly an ad pops up. But the fact is that paid advertisements can get you downloads. They are a viable option and are found in every other popular free app. This is not to say that you should consider making your app free (which we will discuss later). But by paying for advertisements, you can increase the visibility of your app beyond the app stores.

5) Website Promotion

App websites today are basically landing pages with only one purpose: to make you download the app. This sacrifices everything else there is to a website that can promote your app. Consider driving traffic to your website through SEO, social media, guest blogging, and FAQs. Make your website responsive but vibrant at the same time. Upload content regularly to keep your customers engaged and increase your potential customer base. Optimize your website to increase downloads with call to actions and special promotions.

6) Email Marketing

With features in your app and social media marketing, you will likely have a strong list of emails. Use this list to give your customers insight on the latest apps that you are making. You can also use email marketing to reveal promotions and special offers, and for suggestions on your apps. With a growing list, include newsletters and signup forms to keep your audience hooked on your apps. Email marketing may be old, but it’s still relevant!

7) Events

Why not organize an event to launch or promote your app? There are iPads and other tablet devices available for rent for different types of events. You can organize events with tablet stations installed strategically to make your attendees use your apps, while giving them demonstrations on the features. This allows your attendees to get hands-on experience at what you are going to provide. Events are the way to go to promote an app in 2014.

8) YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. By making demonstration videos and guides on how to use your apps effectively, you can increase the number of downloads. Again, use relevant keywords and accompany each video with a short, yet appealing description. If your videos go viral, there are basically no limits to the number of downloads you can get.

9) Premium Apps

Now we’re getting to the important part. Do you notice the amount of apps on stores that are free? Free apps are quite easy to promote, but they sacrifice ASO ranking down the road. If you are thinking of making your app free, just don’t! What you can do is make certain features free, while charging for the complete version as well. This will allow you to rank higher in both free and paid apps lists.

10) SEO

SEO can go a long way in making your apps visible on the internet. Trace the common keywords that are associated with your category and use them in the Web URL of the app. With the increasing number of downloads, SEO can help in driving downloads like never before!

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