How to Build an Email List Fast Part 2

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In the previous part, we discussed how you can build a strong email list by incorporating signup form and newsletters in your email marketing strategies. Similarly, this part provides details on how you can incorporate social media platforms to attract quality leads and build an even larger email list.

Social Media Building Brand Awareness

Social media platforms have changed the way businesses manage their online marketing strategies today. Presently, social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube can be the most powerful marketing tools for a website. If you have a social media presence, then you can convert it into traffic, and potential customers. But building an email list through social media is easier said than done. You must be asking yourself, how many of your social media followers have actually signed up for the newsletter. Not many if you have not established brand awareness. But even if you have, they would rather view your promotions and offers on your social media profile than sign up for emails. So how do you connect social media with your email marketing? Let’s find out.


Facebook Signup Forms

As we mentioned in the previous part what signup forms can do, they can also be incorporated in your social media profiles to even more success. Let’s use Facebook as an example as it is currently the biggest social media platform in the world. Once you have a Facebook profile or a fan page, you can install an application that allows you to integrate signup forms on your profile. All you have to do is click on the + button to install tabs and applications to your profile, and then you can easily collect email addresses. You can adjust the appearance of the tab and the order of the applications by clicking on the pencil. This can allow you to place your signup form at the most visible location. A signup form on Facebook can be the most effective tool to build an email list. But then, you can’t naturally assume that people will look for it. This is why you have to make it accessible and easily visible.

But having a signup form on Facebook will only get you halfway there. You should offer your potential customers something in return for exchanging their email addresses with you. You can make attractive offers by providing:

– Exclusive promotions to your newsletter subscribers
– Discounts and code coupons for add-on purchases
– Early access on your new products
– Contests and competitions with prizes and jackpots


What about Other Social Media Platforms?

If your business has a Facebook profile or page, then it is likely that you have profiles in other social media platforms as well. However, popular social media platforms like Twitter and Google+ do not support third party applications. With that being said, you can still use your profiles on other platforms to collect email addresses and new subscribers, but in a different way. In the brand profile bio, you can add a description about your business and links to your website or landing pages where users can sign up for your newsletters. You can also link them back to webinar pages, free reports, your blogs and articles, and any other website that has your newsletter. This can help you make sure that you are utilizing all your social media profiles effectively. Thus, this can help you build an email list like never before!


Market Exclusive Products and Services

Many businesses have an engaging marketing campaign that allows them to show gratitude to their new subscribers. This can be in the form of quality educational content or awards. If you have dedicated content in the form of articles, reports, e-books, manuals, infographs or statistics, you can always share them with your followers or fans. By simply adding a social media sharing tool, your material can go across multiple platforms to an even larger audience. You can add a link at the end of your content that directs traffic to your landing page where users can subscribe to your newsletters. Now that you have collected their email addresses, you can then promote your services through newsletters by providing quality content. All you need to do is build a visually appealing and simple to read signup form and you are on your way to reaching an even larger audience.

Give Users an Incentive

There will be many internet users, fans, and followers who will hesitate in signing up for your newsletters. One way to make sure your signup forms are filled is by motivating the users to do so. You can provide them with incentives to sign up like:

– Exclusive promotions
– Discount coupons and codes
– Free sample product
– Free shipment and delivery
– Other relevant freebies

Based on the nature of your business, you can promote your newsletter subscription with what customers would want from you. Make sure you incorporate attractive images with call to action (CTA) that convinces the audience to sign up.


Hold Meetings and Live Sessions

Through meetings, webinars, and live Q&A sessions, you can engage with the audience and encourage them further to sign up for your newsletter. These sessions can help narrow the gap and build a sense of relationship between your brand and your customers. Live video sessions can do wonders in improving audience experience and making the job of the support team easier. With your live session signup forms, you can integrate your newsletter signup forms. You can give a little introduction in the beginning of every session on the exclusive offers and promotions you give through your newsletters. This will further encourage the audience to sign up!


Host Contests with Amazing Prices

Social media platforms are a great way to interact with your audience. You can effectively hold contests with prize money to improve customer engagement and experience. You can ask your fans and followers to write interesting comments, tell stories, post photos with your products, and much more. No matter what form of contest you go for, your goal should be to collect new email addresses. However, never ask your audience to drop their email addresses in the comment section. This can pose a risk to them. You can, however, make an application where the contestants have to fill out details, and can then become eligible to participate in the contest. This adds a sense of security, and if you put big prize money for the winning contestant, then you can expect the email list to pile up rapidly! Once you have decided on the type of competition, the application, and the prize, you can promote the contest to your audience through pictures and regular posts.


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