5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Generating Customer Leads

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lead-generationYou were told that after the construction of your website, you would see a significant change in the sales of you business. You were assured that online marketing was just the thing and there was absolutely no doubt that once you had your own website you would be able to expand your business easily. So you went ahead and got yourself a fancy website, one that had all the specified requirements, was attractive enough and there even was some traffic visible. But somehow the result was not what you thought it would have been. What went wrong? Exactly what did you not do that is blocking the way of your customer lead generation?

We have heard many entrepreneurs complaining about this issue. This is the reason that we have collected 5 of the major reasons why your website is not generating customer leads. Have a look and see how many of them are the reason for your loss.

Does Your Website Exist?

Does it? We don’t just mean the website itself, but did you even try to get it introduced at all the right places? How are people supposed to know that you have a web presence? You can’t really expect them to read and then remember the tiny print on your business card, or the small signature in your email address. You have to become more proactive in letting people know that you too are in the picture. And how can you do that? Here are some easy ways:

Social Media: Did you try using social media websites to publicize your business? You can easily generate leads from there and bring them to your website for more information. All you need to have is a presence on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

Blogs: Blogging, whether on your website or elsewhere, like WordPress, etc. can get you in the limelight. It also increases your ratings on search engines. Make sure that the blogs are search engine optimized though. Also, allow the readers to comment on them, as that too would help in making them more visible.

SEO: Search engine optimization also works wonders for the visibility of your website. Include keywords that are related to your business and make sure that they are not only present on your website, but your blogs and social media web presence too.

‘You’ Are the Focus

As much as the website is yours and needs to mention what you do, it does not mean that you should forget that the basic purpose of having a website is to generate customer leads. This means that if your website comes off as a narcissistic brochure, prospective customers will not really take an interest. The ‘About Us’ page on your website is enough for that. The rest of the website should mostly focus on what you can do for your clients or customers. This way, they will be able to feel like they are the center of attention and are more likely to stick around and see what you are offering.

The clients also want to know about services and products, but in a way that is informational and not simply promotional. Mention the benefits the customers would have by coming to you and also inform them about the achievement they will feel when they reach you. The whole point is that the customers should see even before getting to you about how they are rewarded.

You are Outdated

When was the last time you actually tried to update the information, design, outlook and other such things on your website? Are you still supporting the 90’s looks? This is 2014 and you need to show it on your website. Advancement in technology as well as modern aesthetic appeal of your website is extremely important for the generation of customer leads. There are also many business websites that use WordPress formats for the construction of their websites. It was ok when you were starting the business setup, but you now need to customize and personalize your business website.
Customers need to know that you are interested and take regular measures to ensure your connection with the website. Add interesting infographs, videos, pictures and make your website as professionally intriguing as you can.

Call to Action… Not!

Strangely enough, most businesses forget to add a clear call to action on their websites. What else is the point of having a web presence, if not to let the clients see that they should come to you and how they can easily do it? Do not expect them to know everything. You are the one leading, so take control. And what kind of a call to action is most captivating? One that offers something for free, on discount or creates a sense of emergency!
Insert a clickable link on your website pages that says the customer can get so and so, on x% discount from dates y to z. A discounted giveaway on a deadline is the biggest attention grabber ever! You will see a significant increase in your lead generation.

No Value Added Stuff

Your clients aren’t dumb, you know. They need to have information about what you do, what your services are, what products you sell, and why they are better than others. The content needs to be only subtly promotional, with lots of factual information. But the content also needs to be interesting, not plain, boring paragraphs of one explanation after another.

Likewise, as mentioned above, you need to add value-added stuff to the website. This could include everything from free giveaways to discounts, picture of best client of the day to videos of customers using your products etc. This gives your clients an incentive to come and check you out and you automatically gain customer leads.

Once you start changing all these things for your web presence, you will notice a change in your web traffic as well as the generation of customer leads. Keep in mind though, that this is not a onetime thing, you will have to keep connected and think up of newer ways to update your business website.

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