How to Use Autoresponders in Your Email Marketing

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how-to-use-autoresponders-in-your-email-marketingEmail marketing is the biggest tool used by business people around the world. Not only is it relatively simpler to use, it also shows some amazing results. And if you are already using email marketing, then autoresponder is something that you can use for even better outcomes. Autoresponder can work wonders for you if you know how it’s meant to be used. Like most other technologies, there are certain tricks on using it the right way. Not really sure what autoresponder is or how it works? Here is all the information for you.

Understanding Autoresponder

An autoresponder saves time and allows you to remain in touch with your clients all the time. It is like an alarm, that is timed in advance and instead of bleating out a tune in set time, it sends an email to the person you designate. Let’s take an example. Your mother sets you up with the task of noting down the birthdays of all the people you know and not just note down, but also ensure that they get wishing cards from the family. Imagine trying to remember all the birthdays and sending the cards to all the people! Just the thought is enough to drive anyone crazy. And these are exactly the reason that autoresponders came into existence. They are meant to make remembering this easy and simplify your life.

With autoresponders, you can make event-based emails that are sent to your clients or prospects automatically who have subscribed to your emails. What makes autoresponders different from other kinds of alarm systems is that these are generated by some kind of event or some such trigger. The great thing is that you can send whatever you like, to whomever you like at whatever time suits you best.

The question might come to mind that why should you use autoresponder anyway? The simplest answer is that with autorespoder, half your worry about emails is erased. All you have to do is prepare some content in advance, set the time/ date and start sending emails to your clients. What happens is that through the autoresponder you remind your current and prospective customers that you are still functional and have something interesting to offer. Keep in mind that if you don’t email often enough, people will unsubscribe from your mailing list!

How to Use Them for Better Email Marketing

Using autoresponder is not very difficult. There are plenty of autoresponder software out there that you can choose from. All you have to do is select the one that fulfills all your needs and setup your requirements. Now you might wonder, what should I use the autoresponder for. Here are some perfect occasions that autoresponder can come in handy.

Welcoming on Board

The one thing that makes customers from prospects to loyal clients is how you deal with them. The more friendly, welcoming and warm you are, the more likely they are to trust you and stay with you. You can set up a single email that is sent to anyone new to your email subscriber world. Create content that is catchy, welcoming and inform the reader about what your business does. Also make sure you thank them for their interest and trust.

Thank Your Customers

This is another very important autoresponder email that you can create. Send it out whenever your customers make a purchase, visit some event you organized or generally did something that helped your business in some way. This is an excellent way to improve your customer care and show your appreciation of their efforts to improve your business.

Send Them Greetings

This can be very interesting and an easy way to charm old clients, as well as new prospects. Make sure you know the birthdays of all your clients. You can send them a birthday card along with some kind of incentive to shop at your store or order your services, like a 5% discount or some sale. Similarly, you can also send your subscribers Halloween, New Year and Christmas cards.

Stay in Touch After Purchase

This can come in really handy. As soon as a customer makes a purchase or orders your services, be sure to send them an autorespoder email that asks them about their views. Also be ready to offer help if there is something wrong with their purchase.

The more you stay connected with your clients, the more you can get them to trust you and autorespoder is the perfect helper for you.

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