How to Create an Email Marketing Calendar

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How-to-Create-Email-Marketing-Calendar An email marketing calendar can literally simplify your life. What happens is that when your business expands, so does your emailing list. This means that managing all of your clients can become difficult. All the last minute work can not only be hassling, it might also mean that you miss out on important things. This is where an email marketing calendar is likely going to help you out. Not sure what it is or how you can make one for your business enterprise? Here are some tips and information for you:

What is an Email Marketing Calendar?

An email marketing calendar is a kind of map that details out all the dates and schedules that you will be acting up on in the future. If you are new to this and aren’t very sure you know what lies in the distant future, you can start small and make weekly planners. These can then turn into monthly and then yearly email marketing calendars. Keep in mind that these marketing planners are not your personal reminder, but something that will be used by your entire firm or organization. Therefore, you need to make sure that they are clear and detailed enough so that everyone can understand them.

What to Focus On?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you are creating your very own email marketing plan. Here are the most important key points.

Who Will Be Reading the Emails?

If you are thinking about an email marketing plan then that means you already have a subscriber list. So pay attention to this. Who will be reading the emails that you send out? Are they customers? Prospects? Who? Once you are sure about the category, it will help you decide the tone as well as the content of your emails. Keep in mind that sending emails is not to bug your target audience, but to inform them about your business and offerings.
Ensure that whatever you send out is relevant to your business and not just a way to capture the attention of the client. Plan ahead. Do not wait for the last minute to devise an email, plan in advance and have your content written up.

What is in the Email?

This is the thing that will either make or break your business. If your content is not the right kind, then all your planning was for naught. Try and put yourself in your clients’ shoes. What would you want to read up about when you signed on as a subscriber? Is your business selling services or goods? Whatever it is, your target audience wishes to become more familiar about what you do. They also want to know about any sales and promotions, as well as any testimonials or guarantees that you can offer.

Another thing that can be a part of your email marketing calendar are all the things that you are planning for your business like events, social media links, anything news worthy. Your clients also expect to be treated like individuals, so make sure you stay in touch and plan out follow up emails as well.

One more thing that needs to be part of the calendar is the format and tone of your email. Try to make the information provided therein as interesting and entertaining as possible. You have to make sure that you keep the click through rate high.

How Many Emails?

This is essential to plan ahead. Exactly how many emails will you send to the subscribers per week? 2? 3? Or will the emails be twice a month? What is going to be the strategy and what kinds of follow ups do you intend to create? Do not wait for the last minute to come up with an email, instead prepare everything in advance so that you do not miss out on something important at the last minute.

Get Someone to Keep the Calendar Updated

You may not always have the time to check up on your email marketing calendar, so make sure that you assign an employee to update the calendar on a regular basis. This way, if there are any new strategies or ideas formed, they can be made a part of the calendar and followed through in the right order.

Forming a marketing calendar is not too hard. Once you get the hang of it, you will not know how you used to manage before you had one!

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