5 Webinar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It has been proven time and again. Webinars are definitely a great way to sell your product or service. A webinar gives that added value to who you are as a brand. It tells potential clients and customers that you’re not just in it for the money – you actually and genuinely want the people to get the most out of what you have to offer.
Of course, not everybody is used to the idea of giving webinars just yet, so it’s normal to make a few rookie mistakes. You would have to remember, however, that these mistakes, while they can be corrected, can also affect your brand in a huge way.

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Use_Webinars_to_Build Your_Email_List

Use Webinars to Build Your Email List

Here’s the thing about webinars. It’s something that gives so much to its audiences. Especially if you’re an esteemed expert in the field, it’s something that people would truly want to participate in. Webinars, after all, are the perfect tools that would help them find out more about certain topics that they are interested in. It gives solutions to some of their major issues. It gives them new ideas that they never really thought could be possible before. In other words, a webinar can be a great medium to use that would give them such a wealth of information they just couldn’t find anywhere else. You can host live and automated webinar using OfficeVP.com Webinar Solution.

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OfficeVP New Website Update

Just a quick update to let you know, we are almost ready to launch the new OfficeVP.com website.  I want to thank everyone in advance for working so hard with us to get it launched.  I have given a few sneak previews and so far, everyone really likes it.  I am very anxious to get this baby live.

Thanks a million,

Jesse Musick



Increase Sales with Facebook Promotions

If I were to say right now that Facebook can do nothing for your business, I would probably see a barrage of rotten tomatoes coming my way. After all, the huge growth that Facebook has had over the years is too massive to go unnoticed. Especially with the recent changes that Facebook has been going through to help it cross over from being a mere social media platform to becoming a must-have, all-around marketing tool, there is no doubt at all that it has helped, and continues to help businesses and brands reach the potential that they have always had. And among all the ways that Facebook helps every business grow, Facebook promotions is one of the most effective, especially when executed the right way.

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5 tips to Build Customer Loyalty

Growing your business is not just about going for that one-time sale. It always has to be a long-term plan, something that would allow you to create not just paying customers, but brand ambassadors out of each of your followers.

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